Land Cress

Story: Land Cress
Episode: 3
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 29th August 2020

Land cress is a low growing biennial with attractive green foliage that has a hot, peppery flavour.

  • Land cress is a great source of vitamin C and minerals, making it valuable for when we need to build up our immunity to seasonal colds, flu, and other respiratory diseases.
  • It complements rocket, lettuce, endive, chicory, mustard greens, and fresh herbs like parsley, coriander, celery leaf, and basil.
  • You can use it in salads or add it to lightly cooked vegetables like mushrooms, asparagus or snow peas.
  • Land cress is easy to grow and requires less water than its cousin, water cress.
  • This herb is best grown in a lightly shaded, moist spot in the garden and can be harvested all year round.
  • It will cascade beautifully from a patio pot or hanging basket.
  • Land cress is a part of the Swan Valley Nursery range and can be found at your local garden centre or Bunnings Warehouse.

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