Soil TLC for Spring Growth

Story: Soil TLC for Spring Growth
Episode: 5
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 12th September 2020

There are few things you can do to give your lawn a head start this spring.

  • Pull any weeds out before anything else. Weeds are opportunistic feeders and will take the moisture and nutrients out of the soil, causing the lawn to miss out.
  • Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster will improve the water holding capacity of the soil and ensure nutrients stays around the root zone and converting the nutrients into a form that your lawn can absorb.
  • The composts and humic acids in it will set your lawn apart from your neighbours down the road.
  • The last thing you want at this time of the year is soft new growth that is easily damaged by the cold. Light feeding will prevent this and Seasol Law + Soil Booster has the right amount of nutrients for it.
  • Use a pitchfork or aerator tool to loosen the soil. This will allow air in around the roots and ensure the water soaks in.
  • Check your irrigation system and make sure all of your sprinklers are working and not broken or blocked.

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