Smart Home

Story: Smart Home
Episode: 5
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 12th September 2020

There are several new and exciting innovations popping up that are using wi-fi to make gardening easier and more precise.

  • Holman’s light system previously featured on the show used Bluetooth, but they have introduced a new Wi-Fi model, the RGB Garden Lighting controller.
  • The RGB Garden Lighting controller allows you to adjust your lights from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connection.
  • The app allows you to achieve a variety of lighting effects in your back yard, all from a touch of your smartphone.
  • Programming a watering system has never been easier with Holman’s WX8 Wi-Fi controller.
  • This controller has eight stations, similarly to most traditional controllers. You simply change the controller over and program the new one with run times for each station.
  • The beauty of this system is if you are away and it has been a hot day, you can simply go to the app and switch it to manual. The system will run for as long as you want, ensuring your plants get enough water in the heat.
  • The new Holman Weather Station Solar Pro reports the weather from your garden in real-time.
  • As long as you have Wi-Fi at home, you can set up the station to report wind speed, rainfall or special weather events and receive alerts when the weather changes. All of this information is recorded for future reference.

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