Developing Your Soil

Story: Developing Your Soil
Episode: 6
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 19th September 2020

Trevor chats to the creator of Soil Solver, Gavin Davis, to find out more about how you can permanently change the structure of your soil.

  • Soil Solver turns sand into a loam-like soil structure that supports strong, healthy growth.
  • The combination of clay, rock minerals and silt provides the nutritional base for things like buffalo grass, citrus and hibiscus, helping them retain their colour through the winter.
  • The biggest challenge for anyone gardening in sandy soil is the leaching of the nutrients and moisture below the root system. This is where adding something like Soil Solver makes a big difference.
  • It uses kaolin clay which holds the humus in the soil and helps to retain moisture and nutrients.
  • Soil Solver improves growth and health results, saves water and reduces the need for any supplementary products.
  • This product is not sold everywhere, so check the website for your closest stockist.

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