Battery Powered Mowing

Story: Battery Powered Mowing
Episode: 6
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 19th September 2020

Trevor shares the latest piece of gardening technology that makes mowing your lawn a whole lot easier.

  • Battery technology takes away the motor noise, servicing, fuel, oil and maintenance associated with the average lawnmower.
  • STIHL has eight battery-operated lawnmowers that are part of their world-class tool range. These quietly operated, zero-emission mowers completely transform the mowing experience.
  • The RMA 235 with a 33cm deck is the latest mower to enter the STIHL range. This mower is brilliant for small to medium-size gardens, mowing up to 300m2  on a single charge when using the biggest of the 3 batteries available.
  • The lightweight, durable polymer deck makes it easy to manoeuvre and requires very little effort.
  • It is also extremely easy to start. Once you’ve lifted the cover and secured the battery, all you need to do is push a button-  no setting the choke or pulling on a starter cord required.
  • This has all the safety features you’d expect from a STIHL product, including a safety key that you can remove to prevent the mower from starting.
  • The ECO mode function is a standard feature across all STIHL mowers. When the blade senses less resistance on the grass, it will drop the blade speed to conserve battery and maximise the area you can cover.
  • The cutting height is easily adjusted with a lever. There are five settings to choose from between 25 and 65mm, so you can adjust it to suit the season and your lawn.
  • The long list of features extends to the 30L catcher with a level fill indicator that tells you when it’s packed to the brim. Its two-part polymer design means it’s incredibly easy to remove and empty.
  • If you are a bit short on space, then this is the mower for you. It completely folds down and is light enough to lift and store off the ground if need be.

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