Spring Cleaning

Story: Spring Cleaning
Episode: 7
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 26th September 2020

After winter, your home may be in need a good spring clean. There’s a brand new, innovative range of products that will help you have it sparkling in no time.

  • WOLF-Garten interchangeable tools use a clever click and change system that allows you to have a large variety of essential gardening equipment without needing much storage space.
  • This range has expanded to include a number of specialty cleaning products like scrubbers, brushes, window cleaners, squeegees and gutter cleaners.
  • As expected of WOLF-Garten, these products are well-known for being tough and long-lasting.
  • The ability to swap handles makes them perfect for both short and long reach jobs.
  • Falling is the number one cause of serious injury in home gardens but with the extension poles you can keep your feet firmly on the ground
  • The WOLF-Garten home maintenance range comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning that you only need to buy each tool once and don’t end up with a shed full of rusted, broken tools.

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