Hanging Veggie Baskets

Story: Hanging Veggie Baskets
Episode: 7
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 26th September 2020

Nigel shares a fantastic and unique way to spruce up a plain wall or fence in your garden.

  • The Garden Up Mix ’n’ Match range from Whites is perfect for a quick and easy DIY project.
  • Position the mesh grid before screwing it onto the wall, using a spirit level to make sure it’s straight. You can screw straight through into timber, but you’ll need plugs and screws for masonry.
  • The pots come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Each one comes with a compatible hook that allows you to hang it where you want on the mesh.
  • These are terrific for growing herbs and vegetables like chilli, mint, sage, tomatoes, coriander and basil.
  • There are also pots in the range that can be screwed straight onto the wall, meaning there’s no need for the mesh grid.

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