The Story of FOGO

Story: The Story of FOGO
Episode: 9
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 17th October 2020

Neville chats to the CEO of the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council, Marcus Geisler, about how their new FOGO bin system is benefiting the environment.

  • The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council collects commercial, industrial and household wastes from 6 member councils.
  • The council has introduced FOGO,  a new 3 bin system that sees food and garden organics taken from households and turned into compost.
  • There’s around a million households in Perth and Peel. Every household generates approximately two shopping trolleys of waste per week, one of which is organic waste.
  • The EMRC are providing educational materials and support services to their member councils, which are essential for the program to succeed.
  • The compost created from the organic waste meets the Australian standard and can be used safely, helping put carbon in the soil where it is needed rather than in the atmosphere.

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