Story: Hedging
Episode: 9
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 17th October 2020

Hedges are a fantastic way to border pathways and garden beds or even cover unsightly areas of the garden.

  • You need to select the right plant for your location if you want to ensure your hedge looks good all year round.
  • Garden Express’ English Box hedge collection consists of 12 plants in 75mm pots.
  • In a fantastic deal just for The Garden Gurus’ viewers, you can get the entire collection for only $49.00. That’s a saving of 40%.
  • The English Box hedge is naturally compact, making it perfect for a low growing border in the garden.
  • When establishing a hedge, each individual plant must receive water and fertiliser. It is easy to miss one when the plants are so close together.
  • Trim your hedge lightly and regularly. If you do need to trim back hard then don’t select the hottest day of the year to do it, otherwise, the foliage underneath will burn.

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