Bright and Beautiful Gardens

Story: Bright and Beautiful Gardens
Episode: 9
Presenter: Nigel Ruck
Air Date: 17th October 2020

Spring is the perfect time to feed your garden and ensure that your plants have everything they need to survive the summer.

  • Good soil is critical in providing your plants with essential nutrients. PowerFeed will not only improve the soil, but it will also feed your plants.
  • Being a liquid, PowerFeed goes to work immediately on contact with the foliage, soil and roots.
  • PowerFeed combines the benefits of macronutrients, fish and natural soil conditioners.
  • It boosts plant growth, flowering and fruiting, and vigour by providing nitrogen, potassium, trace elements, protein and amino acids.
  • The liquid composts stimulate beneficial soil microbial activity, promote good soil structure, help break down clay and reduce nutrient loss in sandy soils with increased nutrient availability.
  • For small gardens, mix up a batch in a watering can as per the instructions on the label. This will treat 2-4m2.
  •  For larger gardens, use the easy-to-use hose-on is perfect. This will cover 100m2.
  • PowerFeed is suitable for use on all plants, including natives.

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