Red Bunching Onion

Story: Red Bunching Onion
Episode: 9
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 17th October 2020

With its small bulbs and rich red stems, the red bunching onion makes for an attractive addition to any veggie garden.

  • Red bunching onion comes from Asia, where it is a staple part of most cuisines.
  • It grows well in most garden beds, provided it is watered regularly and has a reasonable amount of sun.
  • Out of the veggie patch, this plant can be grown in a pot or as a stunning ornamental border.
  • You can plant the clump as a whole or divide it up into individual plants. Wash off the roots to separate them.
  • Red bunching onion with thrive with regular feeding. Use Seasol and PowerFeed to get the best results
  • Harvest the leaves and bulbs regularly from the edge of the clump, always leaving some plants to continue growing.
  • Established clumps should be split every two to three years to prevent overcrowding.
  • Finely chopped, red bunching onion can be added to sauces or salad dressings. Coarsely chopped, it goes well in salads and various Asian dishes.

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