Neville’s Complete Garden Care

Story: Neville’s Complete Garden Care
Episode: 14
Presenter: Neville Passmore
Air Date: 21st November 2020

Neville shares a fantastic way to feed your entire garden, ensuring your plants are strong and healthy without causing damage to the environment.

  • Avoid strong, synthetic, highly soluble fertilisers and opt for hybrid plant foods instead. These have an organic base and contain minerals and living soil organisms.
  • Troforte M All Purpose is a great example. It contains up to 60 minerals and 24 species of beneficial microbes, bacteria and fungi.
  • It can be applied every 6 months to fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and even Australian Natives.
  • Combine it with Troforte Liquid All Purpose. This is a liquid fertiliser that lasts up to 3 months.
  • Troforte Liquid All Purpose will trigger the plant to produce more carbon rich organic food in the form of sugars that the plant transports to its root zone.
  • These sugars are a vital food source for the microbes in the soil that are provided by the granular fertiliser.
  • The microbes exchange vital nutrients for these sugars, ensuring the plant can take up an optimum amount of balanced nutrients.
  • Troforte Liquid becomes rain fast after 2 hours, forming a transparent gel that retains nutrients in the soil.
  • It is a concentrated plant food. One bottle will make 720L, enough to feed the whole garden.

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