Robotic Mowing

Story: Robotic Mowing
Episode: 15
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 28th November 2020

Mowing your lawn can be an arduous and time-consuming job, but Trevor knows how you can do it without having to lift a finger.

  • iMOW are STIHL’s new range of robotic mowers. They utilise optimum mowing paths, making sure your lawn is evenly and consistently cut all over.
  • There are two models in the range. The RMI 422 P is capable of caring for up to 1500m2 of lawn and the RMI 632 P can care for up to 4000m2.
  • Their built-in sensors will safely react to moving and static objects, which upon impact will redirect iMOW to cut in another direction.
  • If it’s raining, they will return to their docking station. They will remember how much lawn has already been mowed and reschedule the rest of their work for another day.
  • The RMI 422 P can mow a slope with up to a 40-degree gradient. The RMI 632 P can go slightly steeper and mow up to 45-degree gradient.
  • While mowing, they shred the grass clippings very finely. These clippings fall back onto your lawn, acting as a rich natural fertiliser.
  • iMOW are incredibly quiet, so much so that you and your neighbours won’t even know when it’s mowing.
  • You don’t need to worry about installation. Your local STIHL iMOW dealer will come to your house, create a custom plan and take care of installation for you.
  • There’s also a dedicated team member at each dealer who is available to assist you with any aftercare queries you may have in the future.

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