Saving Your Plants After Drying Out

Story: Saving Your Plants After Drying Out
Episode: 18
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 19th December 2020

With the days getting hotter and longer, it’s important to make sure that your plants are getting adequate water and aren’t stressed by the heat.

  • Check your sprinklers at least once a week. Fix any broken pipes, busted sprinklers and misaimed throws.
  • Your plants will tell you if they’re drying out. Your trees and shrubs will drop their leaves and your lawn will develop brown patches.
  • Mix a wetting agent and apply it to those brown patches to ensure that water can get through the surface of the soil and down to the roots.
  • Your lawn’s roots will be damaged after drying out and need invigorating. Water won’t help, and fertilisers may exacerbate the issue, so you’ll need to use a root tonic.
  • Seasol is made from giant kelp that’s been harvested off the shores of King Island. It’s rich in nutrients, trace elements, alginic acids and other bioactive compounds.
  • It can be applied to all plants, whether they’re in pots or the ground. It helps them recover from heat stress and prevents it from happening in the future.