Feeding Your Fruit and Citrus Trees

Story: Feeding Your Fruit and Citrus Trees.
Episode: 2
Presenter: Bonnie
Air Date: 6 March 2021

Citrus and fruit trees need a lot of feeding, especially during their growing periods. Bonnie shows us the best way feed your citrus and fruit trees this season.

  • Scott’s Performance Naturals Citrus and Fruit Organic Based Fertiliser is made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • This fertiliser combines all the fundamental nutrients needed for your trees to have an amazing crop season.
  • Performance Naturals are formulated from a natural source of nitrogen and NatureN, which has been researched and developed by Scott's scientists.
  • Apply the fertiliser to the dripline of the tree, the area of soil directly beneath the outer canopy.
  • This will allow the plant's roots to draw up the nutrients more efficiently and evenly whilst also eliminating the chance of burn to the trunk.
  • Make sure you water the fertiliser once it’s been applied to allow the nutrients to penetrate the soil.
  • Scott’s Performance Naturals Citrus and Fruit Organic Based Fertiliser will last 3 months with only one application.
  • Performance Naturals has been boosted with magnesium that helps the tree produce healthy, sweet fruit and keep the foliage green all year round.
  • Performance Naturals packaging is made from 50% recycled plastic and it can be 100% recycled through REDcycle.

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