Finding the Right Tools

Story: Finding the Right Tools
Episode: 5
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 27 March 2021

Autumn is the ideal time to prune your garden. Trev shows us the smart way to prune, making the job fun and efficient.

  • When selecting a tool for pruning, place it in your hand to see if it fits your palm size. This method will reduce the strain on your hands whilst pruning.
  • The WOLF-Garten Bypass Pruner is designed for cutting live plants without damaging the stem or branch.
  • The Bypass action works like a pair of scissors and creates a very clean cut on the branch.
  • The WOLF-Garten Anvil Pruners are designed with leverage gearing which is perfect for cutting where more power is required, such as harder wood types and deadwood.
  • The WOLF-Garten Anvil Pruners provide a clean cut on branches which also helps prevent disease and infection through the plants.
  • Loppers are essential tools for cutting larger branches. They are designed to do the work that secateurs can’t do.
  • The WOLF-Garten Bypass Loppers have an extension feature, allowing gardeners to reach higher without having to climb, thus ensuring a clean and precise cut.
  • All WOLF-Garten Secateurs and Loppers are designed with user comfort in mind. They sit comfortably in the hand and can be used for long periods.
  • All WOLF-Garten Secateurs and Loppers are covered by a 10-year warranty, which covers both domestic and commercial use applications.

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