Bonnie's Water Saving Tips

Story: Bonnie's Water Saving Tips
Episode: 5
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs
Air Date: 27 March 2021

With an ever-changing climate, conserving water is vital. Bonnie reveals ways to be more water-wise and conserve water in the garden all year round.

  • The first way to save water is to apply mulch to naked garden-beds, raised gardens, and potted plants.
  • The Sugar Cane mulch type is highly recommended, as it lasts approximately 4 to 6 months in the garden before it begins breaking down, conditioning the soil.
  • Rain gauges are excellent tools to help gardeners keep track of how much water their garden is receiving and to avoid overwatering.
  • The Holman tap timer has the Smart Approved Watermark and utilises Wi-Fi technology to track, save and control the amount of water used in the garden.
  • The Holman timer comes with a Wi-Fi hub enabling users to control up to four WX1 timers at the same time, which is perfect for larger-scale gardens.
  • The Holman tap timer allows gardeners to control the frequency of water delivery and the time of day it is activated.
  • The Holman Moisture Sensor monitors the temperature and moisture levels in the soil. These results can be accessed through the app on your smartphone.
  • The Holman Home app allows users to set and adjust the watering timer as required.
  • The Holman taps are designed to cater to the needs of all plant varieties with a selection of watering methods available to choose from via the app.

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