Winter Colour

Story: Winter Colour
Episode: 12
Presenter: Sue McDougall
Air Date: 15 May 2021

Different bulbs can provide you with vibrant colour in your garden at different times of year. Sue shares her tips and tricks for getting the best out of your bulbs this season.

  • Bulbs are for the time-poor because they’re a set and forget sort of plant.
  • The foliage of most spring-flowering bulbs has already started to emerge.
  • Nerines are autumn-flowering bulbs. Unlike spring-flowering bulbs, they flower, the flowers die back, and then the foliage comes through.
  • There are many bulb fertilisers on the market, like Seasol plus Nutrients Roses & Flowers.
  • Seasol plus Roses & Flowers contains nutrients, concentrated compost, seaweed and organic matter.
  • The nutrients in this formulation will benefit all of the plants in your garden, not just the bulbs.

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