Prune Back Your Trees and Hedges

Story: Prune Back Your Trees and Hedges
Episode: 1
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 21 August 2021

Pruning helps to rejuvenate plants' health and improve the overall aesthetic of gardens. However, it can be quite a tiresome job. Trevor solves the pruning hassles by introducing us to his top pruning tools!

  • The key to pruning is having the right pruning tools that will enable you to reach those highest points of your trees/hedges and help you achieve picture-perfect results.
  • The HLA 56 battery long-reach hedge trimmer is one of the most popular models in STIHL’s AK battery system.
  • This versatile range is a favourite amongst home users as it boasts ten high-quality, high-performing tools, all of which are powered by the same 36 V battery system, including chainsaws, grass trimmers, mowers and more.
  • The HLA 56 Battery Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer has an adjustable cutting head which can be adjusted for trimming between -45° to +90°, enabling gardeners to get the perfect box-shaped hedge.
  • The STIHL hedge trimmer features integrated cut protection and droplet shape blades which will guide each branch in the direction that you’re cutting.
  • The STIHL hedge trimmer has a tip protector enabling users to trim hedges that line fences or bricks without causing damage to them.
  • This trimmer allows users to extend the reach by up to 2 metres. Hence, there’s no need for a ladder, allowing you to complete your work safely on the ground.
  • The HLA 56 Battery Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer is also impressively lightweight, which is something to look out for when investing in long-reach tools.

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