Chickens in the Garden

Story: Chickens in the Garden
Episode: 1
Presenter: Lydia Pethick
Air Date: 21 August 2021

Keeping chickens is rewarding for so many reasons – and it’s not all about the eggs. They’re also great for gardens, as family pets, and more! Lydia shares her tips for keeping healthy and happy chickens

  • Chickens that are allowed to free-range around the garden will help control pest insects, weeds and fertilise the garden.
  • Chickens require attention twice a day, at a minimum.  Each morning you'll need to let your chickens out of their coop, and into a larger pen.
  • The morning is a good time to check to see if they're active, healthy and make sure their food and water needs are refilled or refreshed.
  • In the evening, lock them securely in their coop and perform a headcount and check for eggs.
  • A balanced diet is essential for the health of chickens. A complete layer feed in conjunction with household food scraps is perfect for chickens that are at egg production age.
  • Poultry need access to shell grit to help them grind their food in their crop. This provides extra calcium to assist in the laying of well-formed eggs.
  • Freshly laid eggs are extremely nutritious, packed with vitamins, omega 3 and beta carotene. And even contain less saturated fat.
  • Most illnesses and stresses in chickens can be traced back to inappropriate or inadequate feed, water, or shelter.
  • A healthy bird should be active, alert, have a healthy appetite, clean eyes and nostrils with silent breathing.
  • If you’re thinking about keeping chickens, first check the guidelines with your local city council.