Garden irrigation/Lawn Sprinklers

Story: Garden irrigation/Lawn Sprinklers
Episode: 01
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 26th February 2022

Summer in Australia can be a tricky time to take care of your garden! Trevor shares tips on how to best care for your garden type.

  • The oscillating Sprinkler has a 275m2 max rectangular coverage, which is ideal for your larger patches of lawns.
  • The 3 Arm Sprinkler is a hose-end sprinkler with a weighted base. Maximum circular coverage of 110m2 is ideal for medium-sized lawns.
  • The Oscillating Sprinkler and 3 Arm sprinkler are both hose-end sprinklers that connect to a standard garden hose. Perfect for bringing water to all areas quickly.
  • The dripping Hose is ideal for gentle and accurate watering of garden beds. Made from 80% recycled car tyres, weeper hoses.
  • A more customizable option of irrigating raised garden beds or pots is Drip Irrigation using a poly pipe.
  • Autumn is the most critical time to water your plants. Due to summertime having extreme heat conditions that would have dried out your garden.
  • Holman Sprinklers plastic is UV protected.

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