Colour's Galore

Episode: 7
Title: Colour's Galore
Broadcast: September 24th
Presenter: Melissa King

There’s just something about those plants that flower early in the season when the rest of the garden is relatively quiet, which really makes you stand up and pay attention. Enjoy Mel’s pick of early bloomers.

  • Cyclamen Coum is a tough little plant; it lights up the garden and grows wild.
  • Prunus Mume or its common name Japanese Flowering Apricot is native to China and makes a terrific feature in the garden with its fragrant blooms. Best grown in a sunny position
  • Rhododendron have one thousand different wild species, with flowers of red, magenta, white, yellow, pink and purple. These can be in the form of ground cover or big trees.
  • Witch Hazel has a pretty display of fragrant blooms in late winter, and vibrant autumn foliage colour.