Barangaroo Nature Reserve pt2

Episode: 7
Title: Barangaroo Nature Reserve pt2
Broadcast: September 24th
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Last week Nigel visited Barangaroo Reserve and today he takes the knowledgeable tour of the park. He learns the history and use of some of the plants planted in the reserve.

  • 5.7 hectares with a wide range of native plants, including the Gymea lily
  • Gymea Lily is used by Indigenous people for basket weaving, and carved into spears for fishing.
  • Aboriginal women use Cabbage palm tree to teach the younger girls how to weave
  • Golden Wattle can be used as soap when water is added. This helps the indigenous man hunt by masking his scent to wildlife creatures
  • Sitting next to a Casuarina tree is good protection from snakes as the spiky needles cut into their belly as they slide across the ground so the snakes will avoid it. Also known as the Mother tree