Palmetto Turf

Episode: 8
Title: Palmetto Turf
Broadcast: April 21st 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Today Trev wants to show you a backyard turf which has really got some great accolades from home gardeners since we started talking about it here around 15 years ago.

  • When it comes to growing turf at home choosing the right variety for your backyard is important and a lot of people have moved towards soft leaf buffalo grasses, sometimes with mixed results.
  • Firstly, Buffalo Grass is known pretty much everywhere else on the planet as St Augustines Grass and Buffalo Grass in other countries is a completely different genus and species, so Googling for advice on how to care for this grass can be extremely dangerous.
  • In Australia there’s a few different types of Buffalo but one that has people raving is called Palmetto. It’s a selection introduced about 15 years ago and over 1.5 million square meters has been sold in the past decade alone in WA.
  • It’s the prettiest of all the Buffalo’s with a unique vertical emerald green leaf that holds its colour beautifully through the colder months (when others can lose their sheen). It’s one of the very best warm season grasses on the market and it’s the best shade tolerant grass you can get.
  • Shade tolerance is vitally important when growing a lawn, most gardens have issues such as trees and buildings shading out sections of the grass area, but this retains a pretty good density and coverage in quite shady conditions.
  • It loves regular mowing and twice weekly delivers a manicured look that’s stunning, once a week delivers the best lawn in the street and it loves a feed with a controlled release lawn food as well. Palmetto seems when cared for well to have great resistance to pest and disease problems a lot of others suffer from.
  • Palmetto is done particularly well in WA where extremely dry summer conditions challenge most grass species and it gets by once established with two 15mm drinks a week saving you water whilst delivering a great looking summer lawn.

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