Mineral Nutrient Value

Episode: 8
Title: Mineral Nutrient Value
Broadcast: April 21st 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

We’ve learnt so much about horticulture in recent years that goes against the learnings of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when we thought it was all about applying minerals… yes, minerals are vitally important but a healthy soil, and healthy feeder roots is critically important!

  • There’s no better example of a product that works but has no mineral nutrient value than Seasol. Seasol is made through a brew using kelp, giant bull kelp being the main base collected from the shores of King Island in Bass Strait.
  • Seasol does something to the soil that nothing else seems to, it boosts soil microbial health activating all the beneficial biota, and at the same time the plant hormones its rich in stimulate the fine roots to connect with the mycorrhiza that convert minerals.
  • Effectively Seasol brings your soil to life, making it healthy again.
  • In most cases people see immediate effect after applying Seasol and this is because the soils microbes start converting locked up mineral nutrients into soluble fertilizer the plant can use, often the goodness is there already but there’s just not enough beneficial microbial life activity.
  • Now Seasol is not a fertilizer, it’s a health tonic for your soil and your plants so you do need to feed but if you use organic or natural nutrients the soil is alive and it will gobble them up.
  • The other thing many people know is that the plant hormones in Seasol also help plants better tolerate extremes like drought stress and frost and heat extremes, so a bottle kept handy in the shed is the gardeners cheat to solving problems with both the garden and your lawn.

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