Preparing Your Garden for Spring

Story Title: Preparing Your Garden for Spring
Episode: Three
Broadcast Date: 31st August 2013
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

Spring has sprung! Chloe tells you a few simple things you can do this weekend to get your garden bursting with produce and colour just in time for summer.

Spring into Action

  • Warmer soil means new plant growth. This is a great time to fertilise your garden.
  • Be sure to water and check your mulch level. Mulch is ideal for suppressing weeds and should be 7-10cm thick so top up now if needed
  • Now's the perfect time for planting spring and annual flowers. In no time they will be bursting with colour to brighten any entertainment area over the warmer months
  • Use companion plants such as marigolds to attract beneficial insects and ward off the nasty ones
  • Plant seed potatoes and beans. Chloe's top tip, position your bean climbing frame before planting your seeds. This helps avoid root disturbance and encourages the seedlings to grow upwards
  • For Spuds, shoot and sprout your potatoes before planting them. Place them in direct light to give them a head start an hopefully improve your harvest
  • If your chooks have been a bit inactive with egg laying over the cooler months, give them high protein mash, access to shell grit or give them a pecker block to encourage good egg production over spring