Growing Naturally

Story Title: Growing Naturally
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 10th March 2012
Presenter: Melissa King

When it comes to growing fruit and vegetables the natural way, we often focus on good soil preparation and how we can garden without nasty chemicals to control pest and disease, but don’t forget if you want the best out of your crops it’s also important to choose the right fertiliser and that means one that is natural and tailor made for the Kitchen garden.

About Seasol Powerfeed

  • Seasol Powerfeed is specially designed for veggies.
  • The key ingredients in this fertilising wonder is nutritious fish that are rich in amino acids. Powerfeed is also jam packed with highly soluble nutrients.
  • Nutrients like Nitrogen for healthy vigorous leaf growth, Phosphorous for a strong root system and Potassium for a super crop of flowers and fruit and all the little trace elements a plant needs to thrive.
  • That means you can use it on everything from leafy salad greens to high-yielding vegetables and fruit crops.
  • It’s a fast acting liquid fertiliser that is easy to incorporate into your fortnightly watering regime. Ensuring come harvest time you’ll be rewarded with a bigger, tastier crop of vegetables.


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Seasol Powerfeed


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