Troforte Planting Tablets

Episode: 1
Title: Troforte Planting Tablets
Broadcast: 5th September 2015
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The first 8 to 12 months in an Australian garden are the difference between success and failure so adding the right nutrition at the beginning of a plant’s life in your garden is vitally important.

  • Two years ago, the Troforte M was introduced to Australian gardeners as a controlled release plant food with a complex blend of the right amount of 60 essential micro and macro nutrients plus all those important soil microbes we strive to build up in our soil to make it healthy and now, it comes in planting tablets.
  • The way the tablets work is simple. As you plant each new plant in your garden, pop one to two tablets into the hole under the roots and then plant as normal. Immediately the tablets will become moist as 24 beneficial soil microbes burst into life reproducing by the millions in minutes and spreading through the soil.
  • These tablets reduce the risk of transplant shock killing and not having the energy in the soil from the original potting mix and then the plants lack vigor and decline.
  • Doing this in the beginning can reduce the need for using nasty chemicals to treat pests and diseases as your hardy happy plants simply do not need the support, they can fight their own fights, the way mother nature intended them to.
  • If you want to enjoy amazing success with your new plants this spring, grab a tub of these new age planting tablets at your local garden centre.

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