Top Ten Tips to Bring Your Garden to Life

Episode: 1
Title: Top Ten Tips to Bring Your Garden to Life
Broadcast: 5th September 2015
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

There is something that you need to do if you want to contain your garden, doesn’t matter if you got a huge garden, many would still like to put in more trees. However, you do need to keep the trees to a reasonable size and this is the time of the year to get stuck into them.

  • With all the growth comes problems, the plants can get too big, leaning and smothering to other plants and sometimes they just grow in a gangly unattractive way. Now, it’s a perfect time to shape up your trees and shrubs as well as add a heap of green waste to your compost heap or bin.
  • With deciduous trees, you do have to be careful as you do not want to cut off all the fruiting wood.
  • Plums, peaches, almonds and nectarines will all benefit from a prune to shape and possibly removing any crossing branches that rub together. But try to remove this year’s growth at the most, all the wood will produce flowers and fruit in November and December.
  • There are a few rules to remember; if you are using a ladder to climb up a tree, make sure there is someone to hold up the ladder at the bottom or you can grab yourself an extended reach pruner such as Fiskars’.
  • With all these waste, do not forget that it is absolute wonderful mulch. Using a silent shredder, it will turn it into fantastic compost for your garden.

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