Pool Heating Options

Story Title: Pool Heating Options
Episode: Three
Broadcast Date: 31st August 2013
Presenter: Matt Leacy

Considering how much you spend on your pool with installation, maintenance and the running of it, it seems kind of crazy to think you only swim in it for 6 months of the year! To maximize your investment, Matt's going to tell you how you can swim all year round by heating your pool.

Swim At Any Time

  • The most cost effective option is the pool cover. There are a few different options on the market, Solar Pool Cover, Thermal Blankets, Slat Covers and even Liquid Pool Covers
  • Solar Pool Covers allow the most solar energy to penetrate the pool whilst reducing heat loss. The result is an increase in temperature by up to 8 degrees
  • Properly fitted pool covers reduce evaporation and the amount of chemicals needed plus it keeps leaves at bay. Pool blankets and covers can be designed and cut out for any pool shape
  • Other heating options include Solar or Gas. For Solar Heating you will need roof space for the collector, about the same size as your pool. It is the cheapest of all heating systems providing an extra 4 months of swimming time a year, depending on your location
  • The good thing about a gas pool heating system is it's not weather dependent like solar. It does need to be connected to the natural gas line and can heat an average size pool in about an hour. This luxury may cost about $100 per week on average if you are using it regularly