How to deal with bugs in your Aquaponics

Episode: 6
Title: How to deal with bugs in your Aquaponics
Broadcast: 18th April
Presenter: Calinda

Insects are a major issue when it comes to growing your fruits and vegetables, and it also applies when you’re growing edible plants or food in your pond or aquaponics system. Calinda shows you how to deal with bugs without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • Pests and bugs in aquaponics are same as bugs on land based vegetables; flooding or temporarily submerging the plants can easily eradicate these bugs.

  • Creating a barrier to stop the flying insects from coming in is the most effective way of repelling infestations.

  • Most pests in a pond are land based, the main one being aphids, not only on water plants but on water lilies too, these can be removed by applying some olive oil and splashing water on the affected plant.

  • It is best to pull out and compost the plants, in the grow bed, that are already infested.

  • Caterpillars can damage your floating baskets; it is best to temporarily submerge them. The fish also get a treat in the process.

  • It is important to note that all standard fish medication that are available for purchase is 100% NOT suitable for fish that you plan to eat. Using any fish medication will render any fish and edible plants unfit for Human consumption.