Rose care with OCP

Episode: 7
Title: Rose care with OCP
Broadcast: 4 October
Presenter: Faye

If you love your roses but, like many people, find they suffer from disease and pests, look no further than Organic Crop Protectants. Organic Crop Protectants have developed a range of organic products that will keep your roses, and the environment, nice and healthy.

  • Eco-Oil will quickly control common pests like aphids, scale and mites.
  • It is HIPPO enhanced and will attract beneficial bugs to your garden, while getting rid of any other nasties.
  • Application is easy; simply spray over the foliage of the plant.
  • Eco-fungicide is another great product from OCP and while it can also be used on your roses, an Aquaponics system like Faye’s will also greatly benefit from its use. Faye uses it on the plants safe in the knowledge that it is safe for her fish.
  • To use in such a system, simply add a tablespoon to one liter of water, then spray over the foliage. For best results, follow this up with a treatment of eco-oil.
  • Eco-oil also helps to balance the PH in the water; the potassium base encourages flowering and fruiting in the plants.

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