Tradeshow and Troforte

Story Title: Tradeshow and Troforte
Episode: Three
Broadcast Date: 31st August 2013
Presenter: Matt Leacy

Matt visit's his heaven on earth, The Spring Green Expo on the Gold Coast. Matts here to discover an innovative product that will benefit his clients.

In with the New out with the Old

  • Chemical fertiliser's are becoming a way of the past. They do give the soil a short sharp kick but long term are not good for the environment and most of the nutrient's go out into the water ways instead of being taken up by the plant
  • Troforte M is based on natural minerals, the microbes break them down and it gets turned back into plant food - a natural process enhanced.
  • Rejuven8or is designed to bring lifeless soil back from the dead and you will notice earth worm activity within a few months
  • Commercial growers are using Troforte in their lettuce leaf production bringing their average crop time from 6 weeks down to 5 weeks
  • Deane Veal has been propagating plants for twenty years and started using Troforte a year ago. She uses Troforte as a preventative to stop yellowing happening and encourage lush green foliage
  • Being slow release and having a bio active element means it works quicker in your garden!

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