Radiant Roses

Story Title: Radiant Roses
Episode: Eight
Broadcast Date: 28th October 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Earlier in the year Trevor transplanted his entire rose garden to ensure they were receiving enough sun light. A couple of months have passed and the transplants have been a success. Here are Trev's top tips.

Trev's top tips

  • The transplant process was a success largely due to the roses being soaked in a Seasol solution for 20 minutes before planting in order to reduce transplant shock.
  • The roses are starting to produce foliage and flower buds, which has also attracted aphids. Before you go buying nasty chemicals, simply hose down each plant and the aphids will fall off and won't be able to get back up again.
  • You will need to do this a couple of times over a two week period. By this point the ladybugs, the predators of the aphids, will have increased in numbers and be able to control the pest naturally.

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