Build a frog pond for under $100

Episode: 2
Title: Build a frog pond for under $100
Broadcast: 21st March
Presenter: Calinda

If you’ve ever thought about setting up a frog pond in your backyard then autumn is the perfect time to do it. Calinda shows you how easy it is to build a quality frog pond for under $100, and in less than an hour.

  • Pick a shady spot under a tree, preferably one with falling leaves during the winter months so the sun can shine through during the colder season. Dig a hole and put in a pond shell or anything that can hold water, recycled material works as well.

  • Fill your pond with water, once it is full, add gravel to the bottom of the pond. Good gravel like Zeolite can absorb ammonia which keeps the water fresh and healthy. 

  • Reeds and Rushes like Juncus Rush are really important. Being tall water plants, you might have to weigh them down with a heavy pot or some rocks to keep them stable

  • Add aquatic plants like Nardoo for a bit of extra decoration to the pond, they also provide as hiding places for the frogs.