What’s happening this autumn at Jetto’s Patch

Episode: 2
Title: What’s happening this autumn at Jetto’s Patch
Broadcast: 21st March
Presenter: Trevor

Trevor pays a visit to the inspirational Jetto’s Patch.

  • Set up on a typical suburban block, Dorio and Mechele Franzinelli have turned every square inch of their garden into a food production masterpiece.

  • This garden is a wonder of edible plants from across the globe; it is unique in the way that it grows such a large diverse range of plants like the Wax Jambu. A member of the lilypilly family, this tree originates from the Malay Peninsula and can grow up to 12 metres tall but is more likely to sit at 6 metres in a home garden environment.

  • The Franzinellis understanding of plants has allowed cooler climate plants to flourish, despite enduring Perth’s hot summers. Hazelnuts are a classic example and they have 4 types, American White, Cosford, Lambert and Red Aveline.