Growing Garlic

Episode: 2
Title: Growing Garlic
Broadcast: 14th March
Presenter: Steve

Autumn is the perfect time of year to be planting garlic and is a surprisingly easy time to produce a bountiful crop.

  • Choose some good, local Australian grown garlic. Imported garlic is treated with insecticide gas prior to departure from its country. Though it destroys any unwanted pests, it pretty much takes the life force out of the bulbs, making it unlikely to grow.

  • If you’re planting in poor or sandy soil, add 30 litres of compost per square metre before planting.

  • Break up the heads of your garlic into individual cloves and plant them approximately twice the depth of each clove by spacing them about 10cm apart.

  • Sprinkle blood and bone generously over the bulbs once they have been covered.

  • Within a couple of weeks the garlic will have started to shoot up and grow happily unaided throughout the winter months.