WACA Pitch and lawn tips

Episode: 2
Title: WACA Pitch and lawn tips
Broadcast: 21st March
Presenter: Trevor

If you have watched a cricket game then you might have wondered how do they keep their turf looking so good? Trevor visits the WACA Pitch and asks the experts behind the lawn.

  • The WACA is considered the fastest pitch in the world to play on. It has held some of the all time classic cricket matches and past players talk about their experiences on this ground fondly.

  • During a period where there are no cricket matches on, the pitch is mowed three times a week, but during a period where there are cricket matches, the pitch is mowed everyday.

  • The pitch undergoes a major renovation every year, usually around September, this includes aerating the grass, top dressing and stripping it back to its crown.

  • When the lawn undergoes a dethatch, it is topped up with some granular slow release fertilizer, applied with Seasol on a monthly basis, and liquid calcium to keep the lawn at its healthiest.