Getting Berry Busy in the Garden

Episode: 7
Title: Getting Berry Busy in the Garden
Broadcast: 4 October
Presenter: Faye

Edible gardening is the hottest trend around right now. Why not turn all that effort and water that we pour into our gardens into energy for ourselves and our family in the form of delicious, healthy food.

  • Faye already has a great garden, and is growing potatoes, kale, silver beat, carrot, beetroot, fennel, strawberries, and leeks.
  • Berries are also a great thing to add to the garden, and growing them is easier than you may think; the first way is along a fence. A thorn-less Logan berry is a vine, and will work wonders along an old fence.
  • The first step is to dig a hole that is twice as wide as the pot, and then backfill with cow manure, which will create the perfect acidic environment that berries love. Then, simply train the vine along the fence, and give the base a good water.
  • If you don’t have a fence, don’t despair, berries can be grown in pots. Simply fill the pot with an acidic potting mix, position the plant in the pot, and then cover with the potting mix. Give it a good water and you will be picking Berries in no time.