Autumn Aquaponics and Pond Maintenance

Episode: 2
Title: Autumn Aquaponics and Pond Maintenance
Broadcast: 21st March
Presenter: Calinda

Ponds and water features that are filled with colourful water plants create eye-catching features in any garden. Calinda shows helpful ways to maintain your pond during autumn.

  • Having autumn foliage and flowering is achievable with water plants like Red Stem Thalia the Water Hibiscus.

  • Sadly, autumn means the end of the hardy water lily season, the foliage will grow shabby as it disappears into winter. Tropical water lilies are still going strong however, so autumn is the perfect time to have them fertilised if you haven’t already.

  • Edible water plants would have experienced rampant growth over summer, and now through autumn they will appreciate a light trim and a feed of good organic liquid fertiliser.

  • Now is the time to make the important decision of what you want to do with your fish, as the water will get too cold for fish like Barramundi. You can either harvest your fish or make the decision to heat the water with a pop-up greenhouse over the tank.