Seasol Powerfeed

Episode: 2
Title: Seasol Powerfeed
Broadcast: 21st March
Presenter: Kim

Sure there are still some hot days around but with the cooler autumn nights settling in, you can just hear your plants breathe a sigh of relief, now’s the time to stretch their limbs and their roots. Kim gives the garden the attention it needs with a healthy application of Seasol Powerfeed.

  • Providing plants with the basics of nitrogen, potassium and trace elements, Powerfeed goes further in including protein and amino acids through the benefits of macro nutrients, fish and natural soil conditioners that boost plant growth and vigour.
  • Seasol looks after your plants both above and below the ground by breaking down clay and reducing nutrient loss in sandy soils.
  • Seasol stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity, promotes good soil structure and increases nutrient availability, making gardening much easier.

Contact: Seasol  +61 3 9729 6511