National Rose Trial Gardens

Story Title: National Rose Trial Gardens
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 10th March 2012
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Kim Syrus shows you the most important piece of rose real estate in Australia, the National Rose Trial Ground on the outskirts of the International Rose Garden in the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide.

Tips and Facts

  • Each year brand new roses from international and local breeders are planted out and judged to see which ones are best in their class.
  • Roses are judged over a two-year period except for climbing roses, which occurs over a three-year period.
  • The judging occurs from October through to May and there are ten assessors judging the roses on habitat, health and vigor, flowering and pests and diseases.
  • Fragrance is a separate judging category with four female assessors assigned to the role. Judging of fragrance happens twice a year in spring and autumn.
  • With roses constantly replaced in these beds, 30 centimetres of soil is removed after each trial and fresh earth added. This helps prevent rose sick soil, a problem for new roses that may just sit and do nothing. Easily fixed by changing over the ground.


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