Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Title: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Episode: 10
Broadcast Date: 4/5/14
Presenter: Kim Syrus

It’s no coincidence that the place young plants are grown and nurtured and where new born babies spend their first few days are called nurseries. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you might be looking for inspirations for gifts. Kim checks out Flora Plant Nursery in Perth to see what he might find.

  • Right now production nurseries such as Flora Plant in Perth are selecting, picking and packing their top stock to send to your local garden center. There are a plenty of plants to choose from.
  • The Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum is a perennial favoutrite and a top indoor performer.
  • For a touch or interest and colour a Moth or Phalaenopsis orchid will flower for months and last for so many years they’ll end up part of the family.
  • One flower that is always associated with Mothers Day is the Chrysanthemum or Chrissie.
  • With just a display box, a piece of cellophane and your plant you can present a top looking gift.
  • There are loads of great Mothers Day inspirations at your local garden center, pay them a visit right now.


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