Saving Water

Story Title: Saving Water
Episode: Six
Broadcast Date: 28th September 2013
Presenter: Matt Leacy

One of the biggest concerns with pools is the amount of water they use. Matt's here to tell you the best way to save water, save money and provide a healthier pool for your family.

Saving Water

  • Evaporation can significantly reduced with a pool cover or blanket. This also keeps the pool warm, keeps the debris out so the filter doesn't have to work as hard and helps decrease chemical burn off
  • Reducing chemical burn off means fewer chemicals are needed to keep the pool clear, reducing the amount of times the filter needs backwashing saves thousands of litres of water
  • There are a few options such as attaching a hydro spin which circulates quickly stopping debris entering the filtration system or a simpler option using a skimmer sock which helps trap the finer particles entering the filter system 
  • There is also the option if using the robotic cleaner which not only cleans your pool but helps trap leaves and other debris
  • To learn more about saving water, contact your local PoolWerx for more information