Wall Garden

Episode: 1
Title: Wall Garden
Broadcast: 5th September 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Vertical gardens are making an amazing impact in homes all over the state, the benefits of the lush green walls they create are many, from improving the aesthetics, to cooling the house and providing a source of fresh veggies and herbs.

  • The Wall Multi-Hang system is easy to install and will allow the gardener to grow everything from ornamentals to edibles with ease.
  • The system allows huge 5 litres of potting media into each module which makes it healthier and easier to maintain plants. It also allows the gardener to get creative as you can hang them in any arrangement.
  • The potting media is critically important in a vertical garden, it needs to be light and yet still able to hold moisture and nutrients around the root system of the plants. Premium quality mix is crucial investment and the extra cost will be re-paid by the performance of the plants.
  • The Waldecks Eco Easy Garden is a great option for limited space and for those gardeners looking for the easiest option, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles so it's great option for the environment too.
  • Hang the Easy Garden on the screws and then fill each with the growing media and add your plant. Water in with a seaweed tonic and your plant is off the great start. The Easy Garden material will hold onto some of the water as it passes through the fabric and then release it back to the plant when required.
  • The MiniGarden range have crisp looking units that can be put together in a variety of ways and set up as a free standing unit like a standard vertical garden, with corners as a wall frame or living wall. Perfect for units and townhouses as well standard residences, the flexibility of the system is a highlight.
  • The components simply click together and there is a built-in irrigation system making it perfect for homeowners with a busy lifestyle.
  • Waldeck's is the home of vertical garden and green walls, visit your local store today to find the ideal system for situation.

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