Tree Guru

Story Title: Tree Guru
Episode: Four
Broadcast Date: 24th March 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor speaks to a nursery expert, whose plants are grown throughout the world.

What is an Interspecific Fruit Tree?

  • It’s a new generation of hybrid fruit trees, where two different trees are interbred to create a whole new species.
  • The breeders are trying to capture the best elements from both of the parents.
  • The first interspecific nectarine released to the Australian home was the ‘Spicezee’ a delicious fruit that has the mild sweet flavour of the nectarine combined with the tanginess of the plum.
  • Quality control is incredibly important to breeders who won’t release an interspecific fruit tree until they know the tree will bear plentiful fruit and be able to handle the Australian climate.

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Featured Plants

‘Cot N Candy’ Interspecific Apricot
‘Spicezee’ Interspecific Nectarine



Flemings Nurseries
Monbulk, Victoria, 3793
T: (03) 9756 7435