Facebook Friends

Story Title: Facebook Friends
Episode: Four
Broadcast Date: 24th March 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Facebook has become so much more than just a great forum to catch up with friends and family. It’s become a Mecca for likeminded people to create and form groups; one such group is ‘Jetto’s Patch’ a suburban food garden where nearly every square metre has something edible in it. This week Trevor heads out to see this tasty triumph in all its glory.

Fun Facts and Tasty Tips

  • Jetto’s Patch began 20 years ago with Dario and Michele Franzinelli planting a herb garden and the project has exploded from there.
  • The couple has incorporated a beehive into their garden and now gets to enjoy their own homemade honey.
  • Along with ensuring they are always eating the freshest fruits and vegetables available, Michele has taken to preserving the excess into jams or pickles.
  • Since creating such an amazing Garden of Eden the Franzinelli’s have reduced their fruit and vegetable bill down from $60.00 to a mere $10.00 a week!


Dario and Michele Franzinelli