Jetto's Patch Part 2

Story Title: Jetto's Patch Part 2
Episode: Seven
Broadcast Date: 28th October 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor shows you some of the more unusual and exciting edibles growing in Jetto's Patch.

Taste the diversity

  • Dario and Michele discovered that if they wanted the best harvest out of their blueberries it was best to plant different varieties together to allow for cross-pollination. The 'Sharp' variety of blueberry is the best match for the 'Misty' blueberry.
  • A pawpaw tree will begin to fruit very early in its life. Medicinally, pawpaw eaten before or after a meal can aid digestion.
  • The next time you chop off the crown of a pineapple, plant it into the garden. They will drop roots and within three years you'll be picking your own pineapples.
  • You can grow your own coffee plants at home, but patience is vital. Dario and Michele's oldest Arabica plant is fruiting after five years! But, nothing is going to beat the taste of their own homegrown coffee once the beans are ready.