Birdies Timber Garden Beds

Title: Birdies Timber Garden Beds
Episode: 9
Presenter: Mel
TX: 27/4/14

If you want your kids to grow up knowing where their food came from, and how it is grown, having a veggie patch is the way to go. Even if you are short on space, like Mel is in her garden, there are innovative and exciting ways to ensure you don’t miss out on the joys of a good old backyard veggie patch.

  • Birdies timber garden beds are constructed from Cypress Pine, which is very durable and naturally resistant to termites, so they don’t need to be chemically treated like other timber products to bring them up to a similar level of performance. They’re completely chemical free!
  • The Cypress pine comes from sustainable forests, which are professionally managed by the Department of Environment and Resource Management to ensure long-term availability; in fact there is more cypress now than there was 100 years ago!
  • These bed are really easy to assemble – no tools or screws are required and you can construct them in minutes. Simply build the beds a layer at a time starting with 4 corners and 4 planks. The beds simply slide together using dove tail joins – it’s that easy!
  • Each module is 80cm x 80cm x 30cm modules and you can assemble the beds to any size or style that you want.
  • You could leave the timber natural, oil them, or they can even be stained to match a deck or fence.
  • Birdies timber garden beds are great if you’ve got tough or poorly drained soil and best of all, you can place them on any surface.
  • If you’re putting the beds on a hard surface it’s a good idea to line the base with a bit of geotextile fabric first just to prevent any soil from washing away.
  • Simply fill the bed with a quality organic mix that provides good drainage and the right foundation for a growing crop.