Wood Chopping

Title: Wood Chopping
Episode: 10
Broadcast Date: 4/5/14
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Some of the unsung heroes of Australia’s humble beginnings were the many axe men who ventured into the unforgiving bush turning trees into beams, posts and shingles that built the cities and towns of this fledgling nation. What we really have to appreciate is this was all done, not by machine, but by human strength, will power and the mighty axe. A lot has changed in the timber industry since then, and Kim checks out some brand-new tools which makes wood-chopping at home a breeze.

  • FibreComp is a state of the art splitting axe made of a virtually unbreakable, ultra light compound. Weighing under 3 kilograms you can swing this without straining every muscle in your body. The shock absorbent, comfortable moulded handle incorporates the beveled, convex cutting head ensuring it won’t fall off.
  • When is it best to chop wood? Well, wood logs stored over summer have had the chance to dry out. This is the time when timber becomes easy to split into smaller more manageable pieces. The grain has opened up and deep fissures appear. Aim for the cracks and the timber splits so easily.
  • If you’re out cutting many logs, you are constantly bending to pick up the next one, over and over again. Professional woodcutters know that you have to preserve your energy and your back. That’s where a Sappie comes in very handy. Looking a little like an ice pick, they are great at carrying and lifting both large and small logs. Instead of putting yourself in a potentially disc herniating position lifting a 40 plus kilogram log. A couple of Sappies will keep your back straight and the log on the chopping block.
  • The woodXpert range from Fiskars have two models, the longer one is great for collecting all that cut wood. They are both lightweight and comfortable and the hardened, sharpened and shaped beak has a good grip and easy release.
  • Another wood implement that is handy around the yard is the brush hook. It’s great at trimming down cut limbs into manageable pieces for the green waste bin. It does a great job at trimming off small low tree branches and also slicing through weeds and undergrowth.
  • The WoodXpert range have only just been launched in Europe so keep an eye out for them local hardware store soon.